Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the process of making the jewelry?

There are (3) different techniques for making GREYDIEM jewelry. (One) method is using computer aided design technology. Jodie uses a program to transform very detailed sculptural ideas to a file that is sent to be printed using a specific type of high quality wax. The wax is then sent to be casted in metal and polished by hand. If plating needs to be done that is the next step. The (second) method is having the piece handmade by Jodie in a shared jewelry studio. Although these pieces might take longer to deliver, there's always something special about having a piece of jewelry that is touched by only one set of hands. The (third) method is the combination of the two using lost wax casting. In this process Jodie cuts, melts, and molds wax by hand into a design and sends it to be casted in metal. After all pieces are done, stones are set if needed. All outsourced processes are done in Los Angeles by masters of their craft. GREYDIEM is never mass produced.

What are the different metals used?

GREYDIEM uses primarily sterling silver and gold vermeil. Of course any alloy combination is available for custom pieces. Every piece is stamped with 925 to show it's authenticity. Fine silver, or 99.9% pure, is generally too soft to be functional as jewelry. 7.25% of copper is added to create 925 sterling silver. Gold vermeil is 2.5 micrometers thick over the sterling silver. The plating over sterling silver is much thicker than plating over a base metal like brass or copper.

How do I care for my jewelry?

Please try to avoid these from coming into contact with your jewelry:
- chlorine
- lotions
- perfumes
- makeup

Everyone has a unique body chemistry and their perspiration and pH balances could differ. This is important because how your skin reacts to different alloys determines how fast your jewelry can tarnish or be discolored.